Takashi Sogo

I always try to create pieces thinking what a vessel that touches one’s heart is.

I make pottery at my studio and house on a hill overlooking the Inland Sea, living with my family. My workplace and residence are in the same location.

Vessels I create are for daily use. Vessels for daily use exist vividly only by being used to their full extent. I produce standard items constantly so that my customers may use them daily without any sense of hesitation. For my personal exhibitions, I create the special, one and only piece.

I majored in pottery at university. After working as an art teacher, I got established as a potter at the age of 31.
I didn’t study under any particular potter. If I have to pick one, my pottery teacher at university would be my mentor.

The production process of pottery is similar to that of cooking. I always try to create pieces devoting a great deal of time and care in every process of choosing materials, preparation and production.

As for the materials, I try to choose those traditional and standard and those natural and obtainable on my own. Not like pottery from traditional production areas which prioritize materials, I choose and use various materials according to what I want to create, ordering them from pottery material shops across the country.
As for techniques, I also tend to adapt standard ones. That is because I believe that the important thing is not the novelty of appearance but how much a potter can devote him/herself to his/her pieces.

For vessels for daily use, the ease of use is the most important. However, it alone cannot satisfy the users’ hearts. I always try to create pieces thinking what a vessel that touches one’s heart is.

    About the chemistry of pottery and insuring long term use

  • Ceramic ware has water absorbency. Soaking ceramics in water for about 30 minutes before the first use makes them stain-resistant.
  • Storing them in the shelf while still wet can cause odor absorption. Dry them thoroughly when not planing to use them for a while.
  • Keeping food or liquid in them for a long time might cause stains. (In such cases, please use dish bleach and get out the stains.)
  • Do not use them in the oven. You can use them in the microwave or the dishwasher.
  • Handmade pottery gains gradual color changes with use. I’d be delighted if you become attachment to my pieces with long-term use.