Sometsuke small plate (rainy mountain) ; Takaaki Yoshida

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Size: D14.5cm ; H1.8cm
Weight: 170g
Material: porcelain clay ; gosu porcelain ; transparent glaze

A beautiful small plate made with great skill by this master ceramicist. The artist describes the design as `rainy mountain` which reflects his interest in antique Imari ware and conveys the feeling of a Japanese natural scene.

About Maker

My motto in making pottery is “Better being rough and ready than slow and elaborate” which are words by Sun Tzu from “The Art of War.” It means that work that is a bit rough but takes less time to complete is better than elaborate perfection that takes time. I think the pottery and antiques that I adore bear the beauty of “rough and ready.” The Joseon ceramics, old Karatsu and early Imari pottery have the beauty of “rough and ready” in their shapes and paintings. Exquisite and elaborate vessels are beautiful, but I find them suffocating and am not interested in them.
Artist Brand:
Takaaki Yoshida