Penetrated Octagonal Plate M ; Fumika Miyake

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Size: W22.5cm ; D22.5cm ; H2cm
Weight: 570g
Material: white clay,white mutt glaze,perssimon tannin

Dohada is a Japanese word which expresses the idea of `the earth`s crust`.This medium-sized plate combines that simplicity of the clay`s essence with a sophsiticated octagonal design which makes this serving plate suitable for special occasions. Created from white clay with a matt white glaze, the artist added persimmon tannin to the final glaze to create a vivid cracked glaze that appears like a natural pattern.

About Maker

I make usually producing tableware of the errands mainly, and sometime make a vase or the art object. I often get the hint of form and patterns from a thing of nature. I think, the items which I enjoyed when I create will make the people happy when they use it.
I graduated from Okayama University, Faculty of Education in 1994. In 2000, I established the my studio “Yu-labo” with Wakako Senda at Okayama city. “Yu” means a glaze, fun, and friends, “labo” means a laboratory.
Artist Brand:
Fumika Miyake