Flower shaped platter dish (gray) ; Shintaro Abe

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Size: W32cm ; D20.5cm ; H3.3cm
Weight: 630g
Material: Semi-porcelain clay

A lovely grey oval-shaped `mame sara` or small side dish which would be a lovely addition to any dining table.

About Maker

Back in my last year at university, I went to an antique fair by chance and a plate sold there caught my eyes. It had colorings in the cracking and its rim was chipped. Still it costed a fair bit. It looked fairly aged but somehow I felt drawn to it. When I looked at it, I felt like the plate itself conveyed its history of several hundred years and it was my turn to take care of it. Since then, I started to think about one hundred and two hundred years ahead upon creating my own pieces. A piece that could be still in use as antique tableware after one hundred years, and that continues to be used even after cracked and chipped. That’s the kind of tableware I aim to create.
Artist Brand:
Shintaro Abe