Cafe au lait bowl (brown); Chikako Kuwata

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Size: D13cm ; H6cm
Weight: 250g
Material: Kaolin

This lovely bowl was created especially for the enjoyment of cafe au lait. You can take pleasure in warming your hands with this beautiful fluted bowl in brown pottery but it can be used for so many other uses as well!

About Maker

In running our studio, we aim to provide an idea of a lifestyle in which people choose and use vessels, for various aspects of home life, in the same way they choose their clothes. There's more to the daily dining table than just the glasses that we use. We hope that glasses will be chosen and used with joy along with various other kind of tableware and cutlery of ceramics, porcelain, lacquer ware, metal and wooden objects. We would be happy to provide a unique service to make recommendations and assist our customers with thier tableware selection.
Artist Brand:
Chikako Kuwata