Kannyu Katakuchi(L) - Penetrate lipped bowl ; Fumika Miyake

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Size: D16cm ; W19cm ; H8cm
Weight: 430g
Material: White clay, white matt glaze, perssimon tannin

One of Japan`s many living traditions is the small beaker for pouring liquids, especially sake. Served hot or cold sake complements Japanese food perfectly. For this pretty version of the Japanese classic, the artist has infused the glaze with persimmon juice to produce a natural pattern. Can be used for serving all kinds of liquids, sauces etc.

About Maker

I make usually producing tableware of the errands mainly, and sometime make a vase or the art object. I often get the hint of form and patterns from a thing of nature. I think, the items which I enjoyed when I create will make the people happy when they use it.
I graduated from Okayama University, Faculty of Education in 1994. In 2000, I established the my studio “Yu-labo” with Wakako Senda at Okayama city. “Yu” means a glaze, fun, and friends, “labo” means a laboratory.
Artist Brand:
Fumika Miyake