incalmo;bowl(clear×brown) ; Hiroy Glass Studio

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Size: D20cm ; H8cm
Weight: 430g
Material: glass

In this piece I used olive brown glass on the rim to serttle down the spiral pattern.It looks very modern and is just the right size to serve salad for 2-3 people.

About Maker

In running a studio, we aim to provide an idea of lifestyle in which people choose and use vessels, at various scenes of home life, in a way they choose their clothes. Daily dining tables do not consist of glassware alone. We wish glass tableware would be chosen and used with joy along with various tableware and cutlery of ceramics, porcelain, lacquerware, metalwork and woodwork. We would like to make proposals that only We can make, such as making suggestion and help for our customers’ tableware selection.
Artist Brand:
Hiroy Glass Studio