Flower vase 04 ; Takashi Sogo

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Size: D10.5cm ; H25.5cm
Weight: 1130g
Material: Clay

A beautiful flower vase crafted from clay by a master potter. Sogo`s vases encapasulate the Japanese aesthetic of wabisabi, that is, an appreciation of simplicity and natural forms. This piece was created from a lovely creamy clay with which the kiln effects are in striking contrast. No two pieces are exactly alike.

About Maker

I make pottery at my studio and house on a hill overlooking the Inland Sea, living with my family. My workplace and residence are in the same location.Vessels I create are for daily use. Vessels for daily use exist vividly only by being used to their full extent. I produce standard items constantly so that my customers may use them daily without any sense of hesitation. For my personal exhibitions, I create the special, one and only piece.
Artist Brand:
Takashi Sogo