Wagata-bon (10 in, chestnut, lacquer) ; sasimono-kagu takahashi

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Size: W36cm ; D27.5cm ; H2.5cm
Weight: 740g
Material: Chestnut tree(From Hiroshima Pref.), Lacquer finish

About Maker

"One Hundred years"
Sasimono is a traditional technique of and also the products of assembling wooden piseces.
We,sasimono-shi (sasimono-craftsman),have responsibility for giving a new life to wood pieces as tools that human can use as long as those woods had lived in the forest.
To carry out our duty, we need to keep pursuing everlasting design,being not affected by the changing times.
Following the philosophy Sasimono-craftsmen,
We advocate “Sasimono-kagu(Sasimono- funiture)”as the new way of Sasimono.
Our goal is to produce beautiful and functional furniture that will be loved for generations and used for at least one hundred years.
Artist Brand:
sasimono-kagu takahashi